Registration for Fall 2024 workshops will open in September.


Five FYCARE participants with arms around each other smiling and sitting on lawn

The First Year Consent and Relationship Education (FYCARE) workshop is an interactive discussion on campus sexual assault. Nationwide, 1 in 5 women will experience a sexual assault during her undergraduate years. Males can be sexually assaulted, too, though at a much lower estimate than women. The perpetrators of these assaults are most often acquaintances—friends, classmates, or dating partners—of the victim. Despite this, many discussions of sexual violence focus on the ways individuals should protect themselves from strangers. FYCARE, on the other hand, focuses on the ways that all students can be involved bystanders who can look out for the safety of one another.

What will the program be about?

FYCARE workshops focus on the dynamics of sexual assault, ways to support a survivor, understanding consent, and campus and community resources. The majority of workshops are held in your residence halls and facilitated by peer educators, specially trained undergraduate students. Facilitators lead students through activities and engaging discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. FYCARE facilitators draw upon their own experiences as students on this campus to keep the workshop informative and entertaining.

Why is this program mandatory?

In an effort to create and maintain a safe campus community, the University of Illinois has mandated that all students attend one FYCARE workshop during their first semester on campus, both first-year entering and transfer students. FYCARE evaluations show that the vast majority of past attendees found the workshops both interesting and beneficial. We hope students never need to use this information, but statistically, it is likely that they will. Survivors of sexual assault on campus often reach out to their friends, partners, and family members for support and understanding. This makes the workshop invaluable!

How do I register for a workshop?

Workshop registration is now closed. Registration for Fall 2024 workshops will open in September.

If you have questions or concerns about your completion status, please reach out to the FYCARE Staff at fycare@illinois.edu

How can I become a workshop facilitator?

Interested in facilitating FYCARE workshops? HK 112 (formerly CHLH 126) is a three-credit hour course offered to all university students that prepares future facilitators of the FYCARE program. For more information, visit Affiliated Courses.

Who can I contact for more information?

The Associate Director, Prevention at the Women’s Resources Center coordinates the First Year Consent and Relationship Education program. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please contact the program staff at fycare@illinois.edu or call 217-333-3137.

Common Questions - Registering / Participating

I have personal experience with these topics and I am concerned that the content will be triggering - can I be excused?

Yes. Exemptions from this program are available for survivors and those who are concerned about possible triggers. Please contact the FYCARE Staff at fycare@illinois.edu for more information. 

What should I do if I require an accommodation to participate in the workshop?

To ensure that disability-related concerns are properly addressed, students in need of accommodations are asked to contact the program coordinator directly at fycare@illinois.edu . We do request at least 7 business days' notice to fulfill the accommodation. If you are not yet registered with Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES), please visit https://dres.illinois.edu/ to complete an application for services. Any questions can be directed to disability@illinois.edu or 217-333-1970.

I am enrolled in a fully remote program - what should I do?

Each semester we offer a limited number of virtual workshops, which are available for students who need accommodations or are otherwise unable to participate in an in-person workshop. Please contact the FYCARE Staff directly at fycare@illinois.edu for more information. 

I am an exchange student - do I still need to complete this training?

The FYCARE program is designed to inform students of their rights and resources as community members of the University of Illinois and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to engage in healthy sexual behaviors. This content is all relevant to exchange students and we strongly encourage exchange students to complete this workshop.

What's the history of this program?

The program became mandatory in the fall of 1996, in large part due to a grassroots effort from students in response to campus events. Peer institutions frequently look to the FYCARE program as a model for similar programs. Regular evaluations find that FYCARE participants are positively affected in terms of their knowledge about sexual misconduct and support for survivors. Each year, the FYCARE program undergoes revisions to stay on the cutting edge of sexual assault prevention research as well as the student needs of this campus.

Common Questions - Cancelling / Missing Workshop

How do I cancel my registration?

If you return to the FYCARE website (https://wrc.illinois.edu/programs/fycare) and sign in, you should see your current registration. If you click “details” on the right side of your current registration, you will be able to cancel your current registration. You will then be able to register for another workshop that will work for your schedule. 

Will I be charged a fee for cancelling/missing a workshop?

No, you will not be charged a fee for cancelling/missing a workshop.

Does FYCARE place holds on student accounts?

No, our office doesn’t place holds on student accounts, so your FYCARE completion status will not interfere with course registration.

If you find that you’re experiencing difficulty registering for classes, it’s likely related to the University's online program, Voices for Change, which is coordinated through the Title IX Office. You can find more information about completing Voices for Change here: https://www.ethics.uillinois.edu/training/sexual_misconduct__title_ix__training/student_training_-_voices_for_change