Affiliated Student Organizations


Our Affiliated Registered Student Organizations

The Women's Resources Center accepts applications for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) affiliation on a rotating basis. More information on the benefits and responsibilities on WRC RSO affiliation can be found in the 2023-2024 Affiliation Agreement (pdf).

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Advising support from the WRC professional staff
  • Opportunities to co-sponsor events with the WRC
  • Visibility on the WRC website as an affiliated RSO
  • Publicity in the WRC newsletter and social media
  • Option to host meetings or events at the WRC, or assistance in reserving other spaces on campus
  • Assistance with archiving, by holding onto digital and hard copies of documents that would help conserve RSO history
  • Attending WRC RSO Coordinating Council meetings (an opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from other affiliated RSOs)

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2022-2023 WRC Affiliated RSOs

Women of Color logo - three women silhouettes framed in a circle

Women of Color

The purpose of Women of Color is to educate, uplift, and unite minority women on the University of Illinois campus and in the greater Champaign-Urbana community.

Code Red logo

CodeRed UIUC

CodeRed is a philanthropic organization dedicated to working toward accessibility, education, and destigmatization of menstruation. We strive to provide a safe space for talks about women's health and the issues we face.

  • Meetings: TBA
  • Leadership:
    • Jamileth Fuentes, President
    • Erika Flores, Vice-President
    • Tejaswi Nunna, Vice-President
  • Contact:
  • Links: Instagram

Women of Pride

Women of Pride is a student LGBTQ+ advocacy group led by and for queer and trans women, gender non-conforming folks and our allies as a safe space to gather and engage our campus community in our mission of LGBTQ+ liberation.

  • Meetings: Fridays @ 6:30 PM, Lincoln Hall Room 1092
  • Leadership:
    • Caroline Atkinson, President
    • Crystal Mandal, Secretary
  • Links: Instagram & Facebook
CUTES logo featuring three trans individuals in front of horizontal bars of pink and blue

Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES)

The Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES) is an organization formed in order to provide a unique voice for the trans community at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advocate for trans equality, discuss trans issues, and provide a safe space for support and discussion for the campus trans community. We welcome anyone who has a passion for trans equality and advocacy, or is just curious about the community in general.

  • Meetings: Wednesdays @ 7pm on DISCORD (Message or email for Discord Link)
  • Leadership:
    • Azer Matten, President
    • Crystal Mandal, Internal VP
  • Contact:
  • Links: Instagram

Gender & Women's Studies Club

This club will connect those who are interested in GWS, whether as a major or purely as an academic interest. While there are clubs which focus on specific issues, from any of the three aforementioned perspectives, the GWS club will serve as a platform to introduce people to the ideas and concepts held within these clubs, and beyond it. This club will be inherently multifaceted, connecting members with clubs, holding dialogues, discussions, and even hosting lectures. In short, the club will serve to reflect the diversity within GWS, adding on to the rich history held within the department.

Women's Undergraduate Law Society

Empower women who wish to pursue a career in the legal field - a field historically dominated by white men.

It's On Us UIUC

It’s On Us UIUC is a chapter of the national It’s On Us movement, which aims to involve students of all identities in the fight against sexual assault. As a diverse student organization, the UIUC chapter aims to decrease rape culture at UIUC by hosting advocacy and awareness campaigns and events, cultivating a community for anti-sexual violence advocates, and providing free community prevention education programs that aim to be even more representative of our diverse student body than UIUC’s mandated workshops.

  • Meetings: TBA
  • Leadership:
    • Ella Dennis, President
    • Eliza Refaqat, Vice President

Women and Gender Minorities in Physics

As of 2019, 18 percent of students studying to earn a physics bachelor’s degree at the U of I are female, which is close to the national average. Our graduate program has the highest percentage of female students (27 percent) among Big Ten physics departments. As a community, we are dedicated to rejecting the status quo and want not only to encourage more female students and researchers to join our ranks, but also to support the women already working within our department. We believe that we will be most successful only when everyone with a passion for research, education, and outreach can work within our community without fear of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, religion, culture, national origin or ancestry, or socioeconomic status. We recognize that discrimination and bias based on gender and gender identity are all too common and aim to strengthen a departmental culture that makes these incidents rare and unacceptable in every way. Furthermore, we want to actively maintain and reinforce an environment where women and gender minorities can thrive and feel supported and empowered as researchers, members of our community, and, quite simply, people. Through our work, we wish to present these individuals with tools for success, provide resources for amplifying their voices, and offer any aid necessary for making everyday experiences in the Department of Physics encouraging and positive.

  • Meetings: Tuesdays, 4-5 PM, Olin Hall 218
  • Leadership:
    • Emily Waite, President
    • Carina Baker, Vice President
  • Links: Instagram

Amnesty International UIUC

As a branch of the Global Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International, our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

  • Meetings: Tuesdays, 7 PM, University YMCA
  • Leadership:
    • Claire Accardo, President
    • Ella Zervakis, Vice President
  • Links: Facebook
STF UIUC logo with white arrow pointing to left and blue background

She's the First UIUC

She's the First is a nonprofit organization that supports girl-centered education programs in low-income countries. STF fights for a world where every girl can determine her own future and ensure girls are educated, respected, and heard.