Dish It Up


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Join us for our Dish It Up/Lunch on Us Series at the Women's Resources Center every 2nd and 4th Monday at noon (12 pm CST), while listening to speakers, lecturers, and panelists explore a variety of topics at the intersection of gender and other social identities. Dish It Up offers a unique opportunity to engage with your peers in a rewarding discussion of identity, social phenomena, and justice on campus.

Fall 2024 Dish It Up

The Spring 2024 Dish It Up series has ended.  Join the Women's Resources Center for Dish It Up this fall!


All events held from Noon-1:00 pm in the Women's Resources Center, 616 E. Green St., Suite 213.

additional program details coming soon . . . 


Should you require any additional accommodations (large print programs, ASL interpreter, visual/audio assistance, etc.), please contact the Women's Resources Center at or call 217-333-3137.

Paid for in part by Student Cultural Programming Fee. For a list of Lunch on Us events across campus, click here.

Upcoming Dish It Up Events

Past Schedules

Spring 2024

Spring 2024 

  • January 22 - cancelled due to weather
  • January 29 -"Cute or Creepy? Media's Normalization of Stalking Behavior" with Nora Peterson (WRC)
  • February 12 - Healthy Relationships in the Black Community with Dr. August Jenkins, Postdoctoral Researcher, Human Development & Family Studies
  • February 26 - The Healing Project with Dora Watkins, Founder of the healing project and PhD student in Social work
  • March 25 - Feminism in Islam with Dr. Mahruq Khan, Gender & Women's Studies
  • April 8 - Exposing Anti-Abortion Centers & Disinformation with Illini Students for Reproductive Justice
  • April 22 -  Navigating Advocacy Through an Abolition Framework with Hillary Collins
  • April 29 - in collaboration with the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center's Quench program

Fall 2023

Fall 2023: Intersectional Feminism



  • August 28 - Lunch & Chill: Meet the WRC Staff
  • September 11 - Do Disabled People Have Sex?! A Discussion on Disability Stereotypes, Relationships, Sexuality & Body Image with Tina Cowsert & Jessica Dikeman, Disability Resources & Educational Services
  • September 25 - Ecofeminism Summit
  • October 9 - Understanding Domestic Violence with Courage Connection
  • October 23 - Healthy Friendships & Friendship Bracelets
  • October 30 - Healthy Sexual Relationships in collaboration with the GSRC Quench program
  • November 13 - Indigenous Motherhood in the Academy with  Dr. Charlotte Davidson, Native American House in collaboration with Native American Heritage Month
  • November 27 - An Intro to Intersectional Feminism with Sydney Turner, WRC Undergraduate Program Assistant

Spring 2023

Women & Health graphic featuring illustration of a woman in medical coat with glob hovering over her handSpring 2023: Women & Health 

Join the Women's Resources Center for Dish It Up this spring as we explore topics in women's health including stalking prevention awareness, myths about birth control, ecofeminism, and more!


All events held from Noon-1:00 pm in the Women's Resources Center, 616 E. Green St., Suite 202.

  • January 23: Cute or Creepy: Media's Normalization of Stalking Behavior with Nora Peterson, Associate Director of Prevention, Women's Resources Center
  • January 30: Students for Environmental Concerns
  • February 13: Champaign County Healthcare Consumers
  • February 27: BIPOC for Better Birth - Isis Rose
  • March 27: BDSM Clinic with Danisha Moore, Sexual Health Educator, McKinley Health Center 
  • April 10: Ruby Mendenhall, Associate Professor in Sociology, African American Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, and Social Work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • April 24: Asian Beauty Standards and Self-Image with Amy Yonezawa

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Dish It Up schedule poster with purple background and illustration of three people with hands raised

Lunch On Us | Dish It Up - Everyday Equity

12 Noon | 616 E. Green St. Suite 202

Funding provided by the Student Cultural Programming Fee.

February 14

Love is ...
presented by Bria I man and Priyanka Zylstra, WIRC DV Awareness Committee

February 28

Celebrating Black Women's History in Champaign-Urbana
presented by Imani Bazell, local activist and Director, ROOT CAUSES

March 7

Designing Cities for Women
presented by Jackie Genova, Global Goals Ambassador, U.N. Association of Chicago

March 28

LA FUERZA: Creating a Latina Feminist Archive
presented by Mariana Gutierrez, Advocacy and Wellness Coordinator, WIRC

April 11

Women Also Know Stuff
presented by Dr. Gisela Sin, Professor of Political Science, UIllinois

April 25

Period Justice: How You Can Advocate for Menstruation Equity
presented by CodeRed UIUC

Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Dish It Up schedule poster with floral painting in background

Dish It Up - Unapologetic

A Lunch and Learn Program | Noon-1:00 pm | at the Women's Resources Center

August 30

"I Think"
Xiomara Verenice Cervantes-Gómez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin American Literatures and Cultures

September 13

"Unapologetically Seeking Help: Prioritizing Mental Well-Being"
Amy Wiedmann and Emily Barnum, Counseling Center

September 27

*Unapologetically Demanding Space: Making the Business World Work for Women"
Cynthia Bruno & Kelly O'Neill, Co-Founders of The Miss Market and Girls Go For It

October 11

"Can't Stop - Won't Stop: My Truth"
Darlene Johnson, Associate Director, Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women

October 25

"Ancestors in the Making: Finding Balance & Restoration in Community Trauma Work"
Karla Aguilar Marquez, Graduate Student Researcher, Campus Assault Resource & Education Office, UCLA

November 8

"Rethinking Power"
Pamala Silas (Menominee and Oneida) Associate Director for the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research, Northwestern University

November 29

"Rest, Unapologetically"
Jazmyne Kellogg, Associate Director, Bruce D. Nesbit African American Cultural Center

December 6

"Home for the Holidays - Navigating New and Old Relationships Over Winter Break"
Priyanka Zylstra and Bria Thurman, WRC Volunteers

Funding provided by the Student Cultural Programming Fee.

Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Dish It Up schedule poster with small illustrations of a figure using a megaphone, a person in a wheelchair, and a person sitting with a backpack

Dish It Up - I'm Speaking

All programs are held via Zoom, Noon-1:00 pm CST.

February 8

I'm Speaking: Nurturing Your Voice to Create Social Change
Presented by Raneem Shamseldin (Community Organizer & Illinois Alumna) & Jennifer Resendiz (c'2022, President of IGNITE)

February 22

Navigating Transnational Social Justice Movements
Presented by Jo Quiambao (Educational Officer, GABRIELA Washington D.C.) and Ama Adi-Dako (Founder, No Sars Ushahidi)

March 8

Fire in My Soul: Black and White Women in the Abolitionist Movement
Presented by Dr. Ikuko Asaka (Associate Professor of History, University of Illinois)

March 22

A Conversation with Jamia Wilson
Presented by Jamia Wilson, Acclaimer Author and Activist

April 5

Breaking Boundaries on Bystander Intervention
Presented by Teryl Brewster (Interim Director of Programming, Diversity & Social Justice Education) & Jaya Kolisetty (Associate Director, Women's Resources Center)

April 19

Supporting Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma
Presented by Tiffany Tinker (Joint Force Headquarters Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Illinois National Guard)

May 3

I'm Speaking: Finding a Community of Voices to Create Social Change
Moderated by the WRC Interns
Panelists: Ashanti Files (Poet Laureate of Urbana) & Jamillah Gabriel (Call Number Box)

Paid for by the Student Cultural Programming Fee.

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Dish It Up schedule poster with colorful hexagon shapes in upper right corner

Dish It Up - The State of Womxn

All lunches are Noon-1:00 pm via Zoom

August 31

The State of Womxn: Part I

  • Dr. Flavia Andrade, Acting Director, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
  • Leslie Morrow, Director, LGBT Resource Center
  • Taylor Mazique, c'2021, History and Gender & Women Studies
  • Sarah Locke (Aleut and Inupiaq), c'2021, Sociology and Political Science

September 14

New Americans: Supporting Immigrants in C-U
Gloria Yen, Director, New American Welcome Center

September 28

Sex, Work, and Covid
Rayven Morrow, Ph.D. candidate, Educational Policy, Organization, & Leadership

October 12

Comanches in Cinema
Dr. Dustin Tahmahkera (Comanche), Associate Professor, American Indian Studies

October 26

Healthy Relationships in the Time of Covid-19

  • Jaya Kolisetty, Associate Director, Women's Resources Center
  • Emily Barnum, Clinical Counselor, Counseling Center

November 9

The State of Womxn: Part II

  • Dr. Flavia Andrade, Acting Director, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
  • Leslie Morrow, Director, LGBT Resource Center
  • Taylor Mazique, c'2021, History and Gender & Women Studies
  • Sarah Locke (Aleut and Inupiaq), c'2021, Sociology and Political Science

December 7

Nurturing Formal & Informal Networks

  • Dr. Shawna Patterson-Stephens, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Susan Aguiñaga, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health
  • Dr. Deidre Weathersby, Associate Director of Outreach and Prevention, Counseling Center
  • Isis Rose, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Dish It Up schedule poster with colorful hexagon shapes in upper left corner and at bottom

Dish It Up - My Body, My Rules

Noon-1:00 pm at the Women's Resources Center, 616 East Green St. Suite 202 (upstairs from McDonald's)

January 27

Trans Politics and Anti-Racism in the Bathroom
Toby Beauchamp, Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies

February 10

Exploring Accessibility in Restaurants in Urbana-Champaign
Meghan Burke, Associate Professor of Special Education

February 24

Fat Liberation: Finding Your Fierceness

  • Jamie Hines (Education Justice Project)
  • Nadja Robot (La Casa Cultural Latina, AFSCME 3700)

March 9

Moving Away to Move Closer: Exploring the Body as Our Space
Catalina Hernandez-Cabal, PhD Student, Art Education

March 23

Weaves and Coils: Black Hair(styles) & Politics
Taylor Mazique, Junior, History & Gender and Women's Studies Major

March 30

Botox, Boobies, and BBLs
Rayven Morrow, PhD Student, Higher Education

April 13

Healthy Sexuality After Sexual Assault

  • Kathryn Donaldson (McKinley Health Center)
  • Katie Rhoades (McKinley Health Center)
  • Jaya Kolisetty (WRC)

April 27

Healthy Relationships in the Digital World

  • Emily Barnum (Counseling Center)
  • Alejandro Gomez (Counseling Center)

Paid for by the Student Cultural Programming Fee.