Calling All Anti-violence Professionals, Feminist Scholars, Artists and Gender Liberators!



We're looking for experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to share their knowledge of topics related to gender equity, gender-based violence, intersectional feminism, advocacy and support, healthy relationships, and more with the University of Illinois campus and surrounding communities.  We want to hear about your research, your lived experiences or the skills that you possess and are looking to share to empower others.  

How to join

Complete the WRC Speakers Bureau Interest Form below and tell us a little more about your background, your expertise and what you feel most confident and excited to share!  Feel free to think outside the box!  You don't have to have a PhD to be able to influence and inspire others (though if you do or are working towards one, we want to know that too!) Whether your specialty is restorative justice, the experiences of women and gender minorities in STEM, or feminist cross-stitch, our goal is to connect folks with something to share with those eager to learn!

Then What Happens

The WRC regularly receives requests to present, serve on panels, and provide trainings on a wide variety of topics. While we make every effort to stay on top of current events, trends, and topics across the wide world of gender issues, we aren't experts on everything, and our staff does not represent the experiences of many identity groups. With your permission, we will share your speaker profile with interested groups and help to connect you with opportunities to share your brilliance with interested parties.  PLUS, the WRC regularly hosts programs on a variety of topics related to gender empowerment and liberation, and we are always looking for new and unique perspectives to feature. Your submission helps us to think of ways our programs can lift up and highlight your work within our programs. 


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