Survivor Resources

At the Women’s Resource Center, we are dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual misconduct in their journey towards healing. Every path to recovery looks different and individuals may find certain resources better suited for their needs. The Advocacy & Support team has create a Healing Resource Library which includes a variety of different resources survivors may wish to utilize at different stages of their healing. To access these resources, you can explore the interactive slides below by clicking on the different books or clicking the links to navigate directly to each resource.  


Healing Resources

Self-Care After Trauma

Trauma-Informed Movement

Mindfulness and Meditation

Books on Healing and Survivorship

  • Know My Name by Chanel Miller
  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  • The Pain We Carry: Healing from Complex PTSD for People of Color by Natalie Y. Gutiérrez and Jennifer Mullan 
  • Trauma & Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman
  • Unbound by Tarana Burke
  • Columbia University's Compilation for further reading suggestions on healing and resilience.


  • After: Surviving Sexual Assault 
    • A UK-based podcast shares “Then” and “Now” interviews with survivors of sexual assault and abuse about what happened to them and how they cope now. Divided into two episodes per story to allow listeners to avoid potentially triggering content.
  • Call It What It Is
    • A five part podcast created by Marquette University students, this podcast focuses on sexual assault on college campuses.
  • We Are HER
    • We Are HER podcast host, Emily Kempe, speaks with a different survivor each week to help them share their story. In each episode, Emily also shares education on domestic violence and sexual assault.


Artistic Outlets

  • Morgan Harper Nichols
    • A Georgia-based artist exploring how art can become a space to reflect experiences, tell stories, share ideas, and create room to breathe. Morgan has prints, digital art, books, journals, an app, and more!
  • Strategies for Survivors
    • Zine designed to support survivors of sexual assault with coping, reaching out for support, and moving forward.

Articles and Resources

Survivor Communities

  • Pandora’s Project
    • ​​​​​​​Offers an online support group called Pandora’s Aquarium monitored by other survivors that is free to join and includes a message board, chat room, and blogs.
  • Male Survivor
    • ​​​​​​​Addresses the lack of support and isolation male survivors of sexual assault may feel. Includes a support forum and chat room.
  • Survivor Strategies at the WRC
    • A University of Illinois resource exclusively for survivors in order to build community and heal from trauma. Introduces a new self-care or healing strategy each meeting. 

Survivor Stories

  • Our Wave
    • ​​​​​​​A site where you can anonymously share your story, and view other survivor stories. 
  • Speaking Out From Within 
    • A detailed guide on considerations and steps to sharing your story from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR). 
  • RAINN Survivor Stories 
    • Diverse collection of survivor stories from RAINN. 
  • Your Voices 
    • Content warning: some entries include detailed descriptions of sexual assault and self harm. 
    • Includes survivor stories, poems, and excerpts. 
    • Grounding, mindfulness, and self-care techniques featured at the end. 
  • Healing vs Retaliation 
    • Peter and Adenike Harris share their experience healing together as father and daughter from Adenike’s sexual assault. 

Mobile Apps

  • Daylio
    • A customizable journal app with sections you can track that feel applicable to you (health, school, social life, etc.).
  • Aloe Bud 
    • Self-care reminders.
    • Set reminders applicable to you (drink water, meditate, stretch, etc.).
  • Finch 
    • Set goals to complete every day in order to take care of a virtual pet. 
    • The more goals you complete, the more your pet can do.

Video Games

  • Stardew Valley 
    • Create a farm in a small town.
    • Cozy, relaxing, and low-stakes. 
  • Animal Crossing 
    • Live in a town full of animals and slowly progress and design the town. 
  • Unpacking 
    • Unpack boxes at different life stages. 
  • Mobile games 
    • Cats & Soup, Animal Restaurant, Two Dots, I Love Hue, Hungry Hearts Diner, Patterned 

Anti-Sexual Violence Organizations

  • RAINN 
    • The largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S. that includes statistics, hotlines, state-specific laws, and resources for survivors to access and utilize. 
  • Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA) 
    • Illinois-specific organization that compiles a variety of resources for survivors based on identity or type of sexual misconduct. 
  • 1in6 
    • Organization for men who have experienced sexual assault. Includes a support group, common misconceptions & questions about male survivors, and resources dedicated to male survivors. 

Support for the Supporters

Local Champaign-Urbana Resources

  • RACES (Rape Advocacy, Counseling and Education Services)
    • Provides free confidential services for survivors of sexual misconduct. 
  • Courage Connection 
    • Provides support to survivors of domestic violence. 
  • WRC Confidential Advisors 
    • Free & confidential support provided to UIUC students and faculty who have experienced sexual misconduct.
  • Student Legal Services 
    • Provides free legal assistance to UIUC students. 
    • Does not apply to student vs student claims. 
  • McKinley Health Center 
    • Provides mental and physical health services to UIUC students. 
    • Covered by student fees- does not require health insurance. 
  • More Resources 
    • Resources that a survivor may find useful provided by the WRC Advocacy & Support department.